About THIS work


holding places

Growing up, I had the privilege to spend a great deal of time in my mother’s childhood home— while I did not grow up there, it is still deeply familiar to me.  It was, is and will always be its own cosmos, an infinite space that I will never fully know or understand, regardless of my deeply personal and sensory knowledge of that place.

 In recent work, I’ve been inspired by transitory experience and the complexity of domestic space.  It has been a catalyst in my exploration of the ‘in-between.’  I am seeking iterations of the sacred that seem to exist in the simultaneity of form and void.  I am captivated by the infinite within the intimate, and many small paintings have been born from this fascination.

This work has become a deeply spiritual investigation of holding places—those mysterious dwellings that seem accessible enough to be held in one’s mind and also act as the support for what might otherwise be an impossible paradox: a simultaneous coming and going. A space that is entry, barrier, and threshold all at once.

While my practice is not limited exclusively to this medium, the act of painting has best provided a pathway through the paradox required for this exploration.  It provides opportunity for a contemporary visual wager while standing under the weight of a long history.  My paintings are made tenderly, quietly, slowly, with glazes and layers; they are created with and are beheld in a multi-part yet inseparable existence, materially and temporally. ­